Universal Display Corporation is seeking a Research Scientist to apply machine learning (ML) and QSPR to the design of OLED materials. The Scientist will be part of the Modeling and Simulation team and will work closely with synthetic chemists and device engineers. The Scientist will be responsible for developing models capable of predicting the properties of OLED materials and subsequently deploying these models to develop new lead compounds. They should understand the fundamentals of QSPR and have knowledge of the latest developments in ML. Additionally, they should be able to lead an exploratory research project independently.
• Design and implement QSPR and ML models for the reliable prediction of key optoelectronic properties.
• Continually improve the models being used for molecular design and property prediction.
• Collaborate with members of the Modeling and Simulation team to develop optimum approaches that incorporate ML, classical mechanics, and quantum mechanical computation.
• Work with members of the Synthetic Chemistry team to identify and optimize promising leads.
• PhD in Chemistry, Physics, or Computer science.
• Fundamental understanding of data analysis.
• Prior experience with ML and its application to molecular design.
o Familiarity with approaches such as recursive partitioning, decision trees, supervised learning, unsupervised learning, and generative models.
o Experience with deep learning frameworks such as PyTorch or TensorFlow.
• 2+ years Post-doctoral experience.
• Expertise with Python, Java, SQL
• Prior experience with small molecule organic and/or organometallic chemistry.