OVJP Research Scientist
UDC is seeking a Research Scientist to support the development of its proprietary Organic Vapor Jet Printing (OVJP) technology. The scientist will be a member of a fast-paced team developing this new deposition technology. The team consists of material scientists, equipment design, process modeling, materials engineering, process engineering and support staff. The scientist will be responsible for project leadership investigating the process of OVJP printing, including developing methods to understand OVJP printed films and devices, developing new OLED device architectures, assisting in the development of next-generation OVJP technology, and developing intellectual property. The scientist will have the opportunity to take part in the development of an exciting technology in an emerging industry.

• Characterization of OVJP films and understand how OVJP-printed films differ from conventionally grown VTE films; devise/develop characterization techniques specific to goals of program.
• Design or modify OLED device structures with OVJP process parameters to optimize properties of OVJP-printed devices, including efficiency and lifetime.
• Data analysis to aid in the understanding of OVJP printed devices and films; develop and implement appropriate statistical process controls for OVJP system.
• Direct project leadership of technical teams and use a hands-on approach to achieving project goals.
• Report experimental results to team in regularly scheduled meetings.
• Work in a cross disciplinary environment to support other projects and departments in pursuit of UDC’s technical and business goals.

• A Ph.D. in a technical field is required, with an emphasis in materials and thin film devices
• Highly motivated, self-confident scientist that can work independently
• Demonstrated ability to solve challenging problems individually and within a team
• Practical experience with the design and fabrication/manufacturing development of organic devices
• Demonstrated ability to work on multiple tasks, be adaptable to change and work in a fast-paced environment
• Track record of successfully leading projects and teams that have met their assigned project goals.
• Strong communication skills – will be accustomed to participating in high-level technical discussions, while at the same time, possessing the ability to discuss complex technology in clear discernable terms
• Ability to develop a positive working environment and to excite others to achieve personal and corporate goals in a fast-paced environment
• Strong oral and written presentation skills.