OLED Test Engineer
The testing and data processing infrastructure at UDC is continuously expanding and improving to meet the needs of a growing research and development team. The OLED Test Engineer will be part of a professional team engaged in the development and maintenance of custom built automatic testers for OLED materials and devices. He will also be involved in expanding, improving and maintaining large SQL databases.


• Be responsible for calibration, maintenance and troubleshooting of the existing and future testing infrastructure
• Develop testing methodology of OLED devices
• Development of novel OLED diagnostic and testing methods including hardware design and build, software development and hardware interfacing, and troubleshooting this equipment
• Participate in the development of fast database searching tools, including advanced processing and reporting of the results
• Carry out basic research measurements including studying device performance as well as the basic properties of organic thin films, summarizing results and reporting the data

• BS or MS degree in physics or related field
• Experience designing, building and troubleshooting of electronic and optical testing equipment.
• Experience in programming and databases (VB/C#/C++, MSSQL)
• Experience with high level data acquisition and processing
• Ability to interface and control the scientific instrumentation to automatically perform measurements and process and store the data (VEE/LabView)
• Ability to identify, analyze and resolve problems in an efficient, proactive manner.
• Demonstrated track record of accuracy and thoroughness.
• Ability to learn quickly in a fast-paced, entrepreneurial environment.
• Knowledge of organic thin film devices manufacturing and testing is a plus.